2011 Results

The evolution of surfing - Congratulations to Mark Occhilupo

Thruster Round

Heat times are based on half of each surfers' age. In heat 1 Nat will carry a 9 minute advantage over Occy and Damien who will both enter the water at the same time.


Heat 1 Heat 2
Occy 1st   Layne Beachley 1st
Damien Hardman 2nd   Josh Constable 2nd
Nat Young 3rd   Mark Richards - Retired

Heat 3 Heat 4
Josh Constable 1st   Occy 1st
Damien Hardman 2nd   Layne Beachley 2nd

1.3 (1st = $3,000)

Mark Occhilupo

1.4 (2nd = $1,000)

Josh Constable

WINNER Mark Occhilupo

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